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Lyd + Evan

Lyd + Evan - My Hand = My Table

"My Hand = My Table" was one of three Fedi Forma CD-Rs released in july 2006. Another Evan cd ("Kill them with Kindness" - see seperate post), and also "Love to Cuddle" by Cpt. Happenin' (upcoming) were released the same day, documenting a productive period for both Lyd and Evan.

This split cd collects 5 songs by each, plus "going everywhere slow", written and performed together.


Two EP's of excellent indierock from Kristiansand supergroup Wasted Space Cadets.

Wasted Space Cadets              Wasted Space Cadets 2

Lovlydia - No You Are ep

Lovlydia - No You Are EP

This EP was never physically printed, but has been partially available at Lovlydias myspace for a couple of years now...

Written, performed an recorded by Lyd in Prague, 2007, the EP starts with a frisky three songs in three minutes, and ends 4 minutes after that with a fittingly audience-heavy live recording of "the audience everyone listened to". Short and to the point...maybe

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2012 on Twitter

2012rockets Vi fikk sabla mye spalteplass i Sophus' sin andre bok om Kristiansands Rock historie. For de som har lyst på et soundtrack, eksisterer nå dette beistet:) 21 år med hjemmeopptak, 65 låter fordelt på tre gjennomsiktige vinyl plater, og limitert til 101 eksemplarer.
11:07AM Dec 08
2012rockets Avslutningslåta BLAST LAST fra minikonserten på Teateret i helga. Takk til Rune for video, og ikke minst Sophus for kvelden! www.facebook.com/...
05:48PM Nov 26
2012rockets #Kristiansand #rockehistorie vol 2. Historien om mange av Kristiansands rockeband ++ #Quartfestivalen www.instagram.com...
05:26PM Nov 26
2012rockets Et opptak vi gjorde i sommer av the Cure låta Inbetween Days, med noen videoklipp fra de siste 10(!) åra. Konsert imorra på teateret:) www.facebook.com/...
05:27PM Nov 23
2012rockets Lovlydia & The Cast of Ludo spiller under Boklansering og festkonsert lørdag 24. november 2018 kl. 20:00 @ Teateret. www.facebook.com/...
12:23PM Oct 26