Atlas hugs

Lovlydia & the Cast of Ludo - "atlas hugs"

Since the mid 90s Lovlydia has been making, releasing and performing songs in his hometown of Kristiansand, on Norways' southern coast.

LP and downloadable music files can be purchased/downloaded at lovlydia.bandcamp.com

With his band of the last four years, The Cast of Ludo, he has made a return to a real recording studio for the second time in his "career", resulting in a new 10 song LP titled "Atlas Hugs", following up the well received "Sound Asleep" LP from 2009.

Partially written in Spain, recorded at Krutt Studios in the picturesque surroundings of Odderøya in Kristiansand Norway, and featuring several guests contributing a variety of sounds including violin, banjo, rhodes and choruses, the album is Lovlydias' homage to lazy days, cats and 90s guitar rock…

Released as a limited edition deluxe vinyl LP, and featuring exclusive artwork by the renowned norwegian artist TheMoen.

Release: March 2012 (LP/DIGITAL) 
Label: Fedi Forma

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