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ISMBE - I sing my body electric - Obstacles Hitchhike in Japan - LP cover

Fedi Forma have released a new LP: ISMBE (I Sing My Body Electric) - Obstacles Hitchhike in Japan.

Southern Norway's last remaining fossils of the indie-bedrock, return after over 8 years.

Girls on Bikes

With what was intended to be a one-time only project from Lyd (Lovlydia) and Justin (Evan Seleven), Girls on Bikes are making a return this year with a full band follow-up to their all acoustic debut "look mom, no plans" from 2004.

In celebration of Fedi Formas' 10 year anniversary, "shot some holes" has been dug out of the archives. Recorded in Adelaide, Australia between 2002 and 2003, it's an extremely lofi hodgepodge of cassette recordings.

Fedi Formas' favorite furry female feline has been slutting herself around town, all while forgetting her birth control apparently, resulting in the Fedi Forma familys' three newest members...

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2012rockets Vi har satt sammen en liten samling smakebiter fra "Hvite Heier", som er tilgjengelig digitalt fra og med... fb.me/1oXvIEcRv
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