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    Since 2002, Fedi Forma has released dozens of CD-Rs by Lyd and his friends. These releases have always been printed in editions of around 50 copies, and given away freely.

  • See, listen and buy vinyl from Fedi Forma Records.

    You can buy the vinyl from the bands Bandcamp pages or from discogs.com marketplace. Read more for a full list of vinyl releases.

  • Southern Norway's last remaining fossils of the indie-bedrock, return after over 8 years.

  • I Sing My Body Electric EP

    The first release of 2016 from Fedi Forma is the new EP from Norwegian poet/writer Terje Dragseth and his gang of merry men in I Sing My Body Electric. Following the well received "Obstacles Hitchhike in Japan" from 2014 (also on Fedi Forma), the new EP comprises 5 loose and lofi songs recorded in 2015.

  • Atlas hugs

    Lovlydia & the Cast of Ludo - "atlas hugs"

    Since the mid 90s Lovlydia has been making, releasing and performing songs in his hometown of Kristiansand, on Norways' southern coast.

  • Lovlydia & the Cast of Ludo Sound Asleep




















    Lovlydias' 8th album "Sound Asleep" comes as a beautiful 250 copy black / 100 copy white (numbered) vinyl release.

    In late april 2009, together with his new band "the Cast of Ludo", Lovlydia entered a real studio for the first time, to record 10 songs, mostly live in the studio, in one day.

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  • Lyd (Lovlydia) with friends - "Me + Meow" home recordings 1996-2017. Triple gatefold, booklet style on Fedi Forma Records.

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2012rockets Tenderleaves. "Save our souls" og "How long must I wait", live Teateret, Kristiansand november 2018. Filmet av Rune Tengs. Rådsnar intervenering i giter-reim problematikk fra Trond Breen. www.facebook.com/...
2012rockets Avslutningslåta BLAST LAST fra minikonserten på Teateret i helga. Takk til Rune for video, og ikke minst Sophus for kvelden! www.facebook.com/...
2012rockets Et opptak vi gjorde i sommer av the Cure låta Inbetween Days, med noen videoklipp fra de siste 10(!) åra. Konsert imorra på teateret:) www.facebook.com/...
2012rockets Lovlydia & The Cast of Ludo spiller under Boklansering og festkonsert lørdag 24. november 2018 kl. 20:00 @ Teateret. www.facebook.com/...