Lovlydia with his band Cpt. Happenin' recorded live various places in Kristiansand Norway 2006. Cpt. Happenin' are futuring members from Evan Seleven, Novac, Justin Case & Buzz Aldrin Band.

The songs are:

1. intro/neither in nor out (Kristiansand torv, april 2006)
2. that's what you get for picking your nose (Kristiansand byhall, april 2006)
3. consider it open (Kristiansand byhall, april 2006)
4. sorry is not the word (Østsia, may 2006 - song taken from "love to cuddle")

Original footage by Craptv, compiled and lovingly fucked with by Lyd.
Download the album "love to cuddle" free from fediforma.blogspot.com 

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