The Megaphonic Thrift - Decay Decoy

New album out on CD / vinyl !

Megaphonic Thrift 

"Featuring members of Norwegian acts Syme, Stereo 21, and the Low Frequency in Stereo, the Megaphonic Thrift have only been around long enough to release a lone 7" single, but the streams at their MySpace page are enough to make you prick up your ears. The name is a Guided by Voices reference, but the Thrift jam like early Geffen-era Sonic Youth, which means lots of low vocals, punchy drums, and headlong tempos. On "Neues" especially, they set up a perfectly tuneful song, then carefully unravel it strand by melodic strand-- all in about four minutes. The result is a surge of scribbly, dissonant guitars, propelled by a percussive bass line and drumbeat that punishes the hi-hat and cymbals."

-- Stephen M. Deusner, Pitchfork-- 



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2012rockets Vi fikk sabla mye spalteplass i Sophus' sin andre bok om Kristiansands Rock historie. For de som har lyst på et soundtrack, eksisterer nå dette beistet:) 21 år med hjemmeopptak, 65 låter fordelt på tre gjennomsiktige vinyl plater, og limitert til 101 eksemplarer.