Mox«Insects» is the debut album from MOX and was initially released on Exotica label in Moscow in 2002.

Misha Salnikov has been involved in a vast array of projects as a multi-instrumentalist and producer (Poostosh, QUTH, Tooth Kink and more), but MOX (founded in 1998) is his alter ego and the MOX logo is his personal symbol. He began his musical activity as a drummer in a rock-group, but the electronic composer gradually developed in him under the influence of a wide range of music scientists (the main are Harold Budd, Brian Eno, King Tubby, Controlled Bleeding, The Orb + many many more). Originally mesmerizing crowds in his native Moscow, now London-based - MOX continues to create bizarre and captivating worlds, blending ambient, dub, IDM, Warpwise electronica with elements of hip-hop, house, classical minimalism and humour – that was reflected in «Insects» in full measure. - Taken from monstaarrecords.com

Download includes all songs and PDF Digibook.

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