Freak Occurrence

Freak Occurrence

Alf and Rune have been working with music for quite some time. Their first successful project was "Munch," founded by Alf and Munchs keyboard-player, in 1985. The group disbanded in 1991, after three studio-albums, one live-album, various compilations, and intense touring in Norway. As things started to take off, they buried the project.

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Music, however, in one form or the other, continued to be a great part of their lives, and in 2005 Alf and Rune once again started to jam. Trying out various drummers and co-musicians, they settled for the duo-format, as it works so good for writing music. And, they also decided never, ever again to have a vocalist as a part of their line-up. From now on it will be instrumental.

Reggae has been a good part of the two's music heritage and iTunes-library. Alf has even been in Jamaica, walking in the steps of the great Bob Marley. Rune has always tried to blend the slow, laid-back rythm of reggae, with more rock-like riffs. The two have always tended to create monotonous music, rather than creating more traditional melodies.

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