Lovlydia & the Cast of Ludo

Norwegian artist Lovlydia has for 10 years burned CDs with home recordings to his friends and acquaintances, next to have regular bands and other projects under numerous names. Now he has compiled a bunch of sturdy supporters under the name "the Cast of Ludo", and embarked into a real studio for the first time. 

A full-lengths LP is recorded and printed in 250 copies black / 100 copies white vinyl.

His music has been described as a blissful mix of Dinosaur Jr, Guided By Voices, Neil Young and the early Cure, and next to the usual dirty indie rock expression of Lovlydia, the band takes in use diverse instruments as bass and violin to fill out the sound.

Download freely and purchase the vinyl versions of Lovlydia's releases on lovlydia.bandcamp.com


Name - Lyd .. Age - 31 .. Occupation - Ex-employed .. Band Chrono - Pulver (1996-97) , Honeycomb (1997-99) , Lydiacomb (1999), Spies of Ammo (2003-06+) , Cpt Happenin (2005-06) .. Other projects include - Lazy Susans Big Sister (1996-1999) , Phys Ed (2003-) , Girls on Bikes (2004-2006) , Ludlow (2004-) , Me + Her (2005) , Wasted Space Cadets (2005)

AND NOW WITH: the Cast of Ludo (2008-?) .. Meow

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