Read what Kunsthall Oslo says about TheMoen:

"Kunsthall Oslo presents the first solo exhibition by the painter and raphic artist TheMoen. TheMoen's substantial body of work is not yet well-known even in Norway, and we are very pleased to have the chance to introduce it to a wider audience."

"On the surface, TheMoen's central subject is the everyday landscape of Southern Norway and its vernacular culture. Small towns, suburban streets, custom cars and rock and roll, surrounded by forests and the sea. But in TheMoen's art, everyday provincial life is a transparent illusion, through which an uncanny parallel world is clearly visible. 

Precisely-rendered scenes reveal an animistic, almost psychedelic vision of hidden figures, unknown forces, wrinkles in the fabric of space and time. TheMoen himself is his own artistic creation, a suburban seer who has managed to escape from the mundane world into an equally frightening and chaotic place, where fragments of pop culture merge with intimations of the infinite, and the consensual hallucination of reality takes second place to the mind-altering power of the hand-drawn line. 

TheMoen asserts, perhaps with good reason, that the mainstream artworld has neglected the contributions of the 20th century subcultures – underground music and film, or classic comic art in particular. His own work, nonetheless, recalls the style and imagery of artists like Daniel Mróz as much as Robert Crumb, Max Ernst as much as David Lynch. 

Check out TheMoen artwork at Kunsthall Oslo.