Lovlydia - No You Are ep

Lovlydia - No You Are EP

This EP was never physically printed, but has been partially available at Lovlydias myspace for a couple of years now...

Written, performed an recorded by Lyd in Prague, 2007, the EP starts with a frisky three songs in three minutes, and ends 4 minutes after that with a fittingly audience-heavy live recording of "the audience everyone listened to". Short and to the point...maybe





This download includes some bonus live songs recorded around the time of the EPs' release, including a special version of the really old song "it's a hand-me-down" with Ida on vocals.
Also included is "always nowhere" which was left off the final traclisting because Lyd forgot it existed...


1. Nice Toes
2. Close Enough to Count Them
3. Why You Were Away, While You Were Away
4. I Am Reminded
5. A Nice Sequence to This
6. The Audience Everyone Listened to (live @ Shakespeare & Sons, Prague, 20-10-2007)

Bonus Tracks:

7. Always Nowhere
8. Too Polite to Kiss Me (live @ Lalyfest #1, Prague, 29-09-2007)
9. That's What You Get for Picking Your Nose (live @ Sofit Club, Prague, 30-11-2007)
10. It's a Handmedown (live @ Sofit Club, Prague, 30-11-2007)

Live bonus tracks were recorded by Honsa through the mixing desk.