Two EP's of excellent indierock from Kristiansand supergroup Wasted Space Cadets.

Wasted Space Cadets              Wasted Space Cadets 2

The first, a whiskey-fueled recording session from x-mas 2005, features three songs from Generic (Danish Space Ferry), two from Richard (Megaphonic Thrift, Stereo 21) and one song from Lyd (Lovlydia).
50 CD-R copies were printed, but they disappeared quicker than any other Fedi Forma release.

Wasted Space Cadets 2 was recorded in early january 2008, but has remained on the Fedi Forma hard-drive since then due to non-obvious reasons... Expanding the line-up with Justin (Evan Seleven) and Gee (George Court Trials), plus upping the fidelity from last time, the five-piece run through one song each of classic indie, available here for the first time.