ISMBE - I sing my body electric - Obstacles Hitchhike in Japan - LP cover

Fedi Forma have released a new LP: ISMBE (I Sing My Body Electric) - Obstacles Hitchhike in Japan.

The first ISMBE release from Fedi Forma Records: "Obstacles Hitchhike in Japan" is album of hard hitting space rock. Terje Dragseth (Norwegian poet/writer and front man doing vocals & keys at ISMBE) teams up with his live band: John Nikolaisen (Peace on Earth Arkestra / Ladies & Gentlemen we are floating in Space) on guitar, Lyd (Lovlydia) vox/guitar, Nils Olav Drivdal (Evan Seleven) vox/bass and Mads Hatlevik (Professor Pez) at drums.

Dragseth's chanting vocals with John's sonic spaceguitars and the grunge inspired rhythm section makes this a great album. Cool cover (Beatles inspired?) and orange see-through vinyl can be bought and streamed from Bandcamp.

Terje Dragseth also released "ZNZ", a 90-minute journey through twisted sound-collages, bits of poetry and experimental grooves, with producer Rune Tengs (from Flying Crap) at the same time. Check it out on ISMBE's Bandcamp page.

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2012rockets Vi fikk sabla mye spalteplass i Sophus' sin andre bok om Kristiansands Rock historie. For de som har lyst på et soundtrack, eksisterer nå dette beistet:) 21 år med hjemmeopptak, 65 låter fordelt på tre gjennomsiktige vinyl plater, og limitert til 101 eksemplarer.